Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crazy Rug Lady

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to IMAGES of beautiful things. Whether it be furniture, artwork, coffee mugs or textiles, I am CAPTIVATED by the details of their beauty. Recently, I have jumped into photo styling and have been spending a lot of my spare time BEHIND THE CAMERA. While working with different props and textiles, I seem to have fallen in love with VINTAGE rugs. Something about the WORN patina, combination of colors and the way they seamlessly fall into any decor pattern, they have become my new obsession. And somehow, because of this, I have accumulated many Vintage rugs. While one person can only have so many rugs before they become the CRAZY RUG LADY....I need to part with some of them. SO, jump on over to my etsy store
// and grab one of these beauties. There are only a few still available from the first collection.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


It has been a really long time since I have sat down to write. I have found that this journey is not linear and that for whatever reason we become inspired to jump back in. Maybe the routine of everyday life has become a little too predictable or maybe something sparked something in my soul, but I think I am ready to venture back into writing. And maybe somewhere, someone will be reading.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


So you know the old saying....when life hands you lemons, make lemonade? I guess that's whats on the order for me....or this:


After a long year, wait, it's only March, I am settling in to my new home. After five long years of demolishing and rebuilding our old home, it was time to pass it on to a new family. I have spent the last few months "consciously uncoupling" from my home. Anyone that knows me knows that this was my absolute dream house and being a part of bringing it back to life has been my passion. But it was time and I was ready to say goodbye and ready to start over in a new place. And of course, there will be more renovations..... its hard to remember just how far we have come and I guess it is really true that when you fix up an old house, somewhere inside lies a piece of you.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bad Boys....

So...I stumbled upon these BAD BOYS and instantly fell in love. This totally trumps the basic boring double vanity. All I have to say is THANK YOU Kohler!

Find it here, here, and here

Any my absolute favorite.....drum ROLL please.


Well, maybe this is my favorite

I love this idea not only because it looks like a million bucks, but because I have found it increasingly difficult to find a bathroom vanity that can withstand my children chipping and peeling and scratching off of the dreaded particle board or wood like MYSTERY surfaces that seem to be on every newly manufactured piece of furniture. I think its genius that you can pay a little extra for this sink and sans the whole vanity altogether. And you wont get that gross ring of white crud around your faucet sink when it is mounted up high. Just add a decent ledge above for storage of your everyday items and you have SOLVED 99% of your bathroom problems.

Storage problem solved! Source

Monday, March 16, 2015

HELLO Spring!

HELLO Spring.... and I NEED a set of these lights and not just because they are called "party girl", but that does help!

Find it here

Saturday, February 7, 2015

DIY ....Winter Trees

In the spirit of Winter and LONG cold weekends....and crazy energetic children, I am sharing a super easy and child friendly, even after the Holidays are over, craft. This also happens to be a very good stress reliever activity for those FRAZZLED nerves (especially when you pair it with a glass of wine!)

*Styrofoam cones- I grabbed three different sizes from the craft store (started with the smallest size)
*Sheets of felt- I thought gray would be a great color that you can leave up the entire Winter,but I couldn't resist the white glitter felt as well
*Hot glue gun- Be sure to use low temperature glue sticks on the Styrofoam- this also makes it easy for the kids to help since the glue doesn't get too hot
*Fabric scissors- The felt can be tricky to cut with regular scissors and you get a much cleaner edge with fabric scissors

I think these would also look awesome in primary colors for a SWEET little girl's room. Options are endless!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bling! Bling!

This is one trend I have to say I love. I am normally not too bling bling, but....I'm hooked.
Some simple easy projects to try over Thanksgiving vacation, a definite alternative to stuffing my face with leftovers. The gold leafing opportunities are endless. Warning to Kids....don't stand still too long or mama will gold leaf ya!

Especially hoping my friend Heather finds this enjoyable....she brings out the bling in all of us!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Random Musings

Looking for a good read?

My next rainy day craft with the monsters


I'm trying this

Perfect early Holiday gift

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random Musings

Best Baby Gift Ever

I want this

I know someone that REALLY wants this

Words to live by

I could live here

On heavy rotation

Summer Hiatus

I had every intention of working on new posts once Summer hit, but I couldn't resist the temptation to enjoy the first few weeks of summer basking in the sun and making memories with the kids and just taking a bunch of long DEEP breaths. Here are my most favorite moments from the first few weeks of summer.

Life is good!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Fox Looking Reindeer Riding A Bike

I am totally a commitment phobe when it comes to art pieces and I hate, HATE, hate big box store items. I always think people will walk in and be whispering "she got that at so and so, I saw it there"...because that is what I TOTALLY do. HA! But please still INVITE me over.

I always like the idea of custom pieces,things that are not mass produced and have a very UNIQUE story. Well, I can't think of a better STORY than a fox looking reindeer riding a bike. Right?

Leave it up to my little PROTEGE, Onna, to find the latest piece of art for the house..and yes at a big chain store. Although I totally convinced myself he is a one of a kind ORIGINAL and not mass produced.....Probably has a LIMITED addition number on him somewhere. Um...still looking. no way could I resist this fox looking reindeer on a bike. Not really sure but I think it was the Prescott looking scarf that STOLE my heart. At first, it was going to be for Onna's room, but I couldn't give him up when we got home. So naturally I put him in our kitchen. The Mr. is away this weekend and I am so sure he won't NOTICE the large biking reindeer on our wall when he returns. Nope, don't know anything at all about a reindeer riding a bike.

I could really spill the beans and tell you where we found him, but then fox looking reindeer would surely TAKE OVER the world. And for now, he is our one of a kind, little (ok, kinda big) original,MASTERPIECE.

Friday, May 16, 2014

More than Words

Abby Hyslop Lettering

Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do. One of the many things I want to change about myself. Just to be. You know...on my road to self improvement. Well the road is LONG and this is my first stop. My racing mind... making it STILL for a minute and enjoying right where I am. I realize that I am not really anywhere where I am. I mean yes, my body is there, but my mind is totally on its on JOURNEY racing through the endless to do list, whats coming next and tonight and tomorrow. And it is exhausting. This is my reminder
to QUIET my mind and just BE.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Olio Board-Vote Now!

Check out the Olioboard outdoor design contest and vote for this room now!



So as many of you know, there has been an unspoken rule about wallpaper in our home. Since removing what seems like 100 layers of OLD.... I mean old like it is now part of the wall wallpaper, it was just assumed that we would NEVER put up wallpaper again.EVER.It would almost be like looking at flashbacks of some horror film of sprayers, scrapers, sweat and tears. Well, until I found THIS....

I know...enter the GASP!.

This "Pedal Pusher" wallpaper, God I even LOVE the name, is from the Oh Joy! line. If you are not familiar with it, Joy is a blogger/designer who has recently collaborated with Target on a a summer party wares line. I have been following the Oh Joy! blog for some time and instantly fell in love with this paper. I is really the opposite of me. I tend to think of myself as more know gray mono-cramatic ME. So obviously the bold brassy colors of enormous blooms are not typically on my list. I actually don't think I even own anything brass colored.

So, after what seems like endless wallpaper removal, I am jumping in AGAIN....And what a better place than my vestibule. Flash back to the Pink Chronicles post. Yes, pink was way to HELLOOOO, so I wanted more subtle. And naturally that means this Petal Pusher Paper. What can I say? I never claimed to make sense. The paper is really pricy so I am compromising and only doing the upper part of a wall and will have it professionally installed.I am NOT fooling around with a DIY install with this stuff. Cha Ching......but so worth it.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Pink Chronicles

So the color pink and I have this love hate relationship. There are days when I LOATH the color. Most of the time I find that the shade is either too dusty or just too darn pink. I don't wear it, it drowns out my skin...and makes me seem either half dead or something like a stripper...Then there are other days when I need it. Its SOFTENS almost like whispers, its calming sound soothes the cold winter months. Should I? Shouldn't I? Ugh, LIVE a I did.

Our vestibule has been on hold for quite some time. Who wants to redo a room and then have contractors trecking through obnoxiously leaving prints, dings and scrapes? I love you Mike the contractor, but I had to WAIT on the vestibule for the full makeover.`

I decided that our vestibule needed a little sprucing up while on hold....I wanted DRAMA, I wanted something classic, that set the stage for the rest of the house. So naturally, I picked black. I loved the saturation, the way you get LOST looking at it... The minute you think...who paints walls black? I love that minute and love the walls black. Then this little voice in my head said...we need an accent color. Something to say POW!...Like the black wasn't pow enough?

Looking through the samples I kept going back to pink...I The same color that sometimes makes me look dead, the same color that I can't stand half of the time. But this was not a drowning out pink. It was a loud "hello" pink. I don't remember the exact name but I refer to it as "in your face pink", I am sure you can find it at your nearest home center.. And this same voice in my head said LIVE a little. I know I am so absolutely WILD that this post should be R rated. Ha!

At first the room looked a lot like a Nascar-ish diner...reminding me of some checkered flag WAVING at the end of lap 250. It would take some time to like...or not.

Now I am thinking....Total Redo. Way too in your face when I walk in. It literally almost pushes me back out the door. Back to the drawing board for the accent color. I are thinking who can write this much about the color PINK....only someone that has a love it hate it relationship with it of course.

So EPIC fail with pink....I should have stuck with my every so faithful gray. Gray has never let me down. I went a little off the deep and ended up with SCREAMING walls. I do however love these rooms with pink...Not so in your face...more like almost NOT HERE pink....I'll take notes.

Jaimaica Byles flicker

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Break Up

So, anyone that knows me would say that I always have something up my sleeve, that I can be dangerous with too much time on my hands, and that I never really STICK to things. All very TRUE....especially when it comes to furnishing my home.

I obsessively think about the furniture I want versus the furniture that with withstand this tornado called life that I am swirling in. I love leather, deep, WORN, cigar leather furniture that gets better with every year. The ones that have stories to tell and just call for a late night Manhattan or Pink Moscato. I am the person that you see in the Restoration Hardware store that is laying on the couch like I OWN it...because I brought my luggage and pretend I live in the showroom.

BUT I wake up from the movie clip I was just describing and realize that no matter how I try to ignore it...I STICK to it. My really NOT slender thighs stick to the leather in warm temperatures and I flinch when my bare skin touches it in cooler temperatures...and my least favorite trait, throw blankets constantly slide off it. You know, that beautiful throw you bought because it LOOKED like it was from a magazine and you could imagine yourself curling up in won't stay on the chair. You know, it was supposed to drape over the side so perfectly and hang like a pierce of art... but it SLIDES, over and over again. YEP.

And of course, I am drooling over wingback chairs and the latest trend of houndstooth fabric or a beautiful tweed, right from a mens suiting line.....but with two drooling dogs....two insanely crazy kids I can't imagine living with something I couldn't wash...monthly. OK..... lets get real...WEEKLY! I get such satisfaction out of ripping a slip cover off, washing the daylights out of it and throwing it back on....Ok, Rewind.. THROWING, not exactly. How about, a total body workout. Pulling, stuffing, squeezing with arms, feet and teeth to fit cushions back into the cover that they once fit into? Only to finally finish and have one joyful little bundle smear bananas on it. HATE IT. So you see this dilema has left us with...well...almost NO furniture. I know this is totally crazy. But then again...who even has time to sit! Ha!

So finially today I realized, we have to have furniture. I know...Crazy revolution.I need to get it together and commit to something...anything to place a booty on. We have two insanely ugly orange chairs that were a super bargain, that I SWEAR I will day! They are comfy and best trait yet, they swivel! So they are staying. I have decided to wave the WHITE flag and start thinking about now, and like 5 years from now. I am not going to look for a sofa that I can pass down to future generations, the ones that are built to last. Because really, nothing could withstand this hurricane of a family...not even you Restoration Hardware. It is official, we have broken up. (But still keep sending me the awe-inspiring catalogues, so I can pretend to not care).

So helloooooo IKEA. Yes, lets find something nice to look at, won't break the bank and will last until the storm passes...I mean children grow up a little. So decision made.....

The Ektorp Sofa, a total bargain at 499.00 and it wouldn't be IKEA if it didn't have a slipcover!
And I couldn't help but want the wingback! How could you resist at less than 300 bucks?

So for me, my plan remains to just decorate for this stage of my life and stop thinking about what will last. In all reality, I'd probably CHANGE my mind after a few years of having that cigar leather sofa and be on to something new..well thats what I will keep telling myself anyway!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Than Words

I can't remember where I cam across this quote, but it has STUCK with me. I read it often, on good days and on the days where things just don't seem like they will ever quite FALL back into place. I often think about what I want my kids to "GET". What big ideas I can PASS on to them. What I hope they will remember when I am long GONE....and maybe this is it. Maybe, it fits perfectly with this season of giving, receiving and traditions. I don't think I can find a better way to wrap up who I strive to be and what I hope to give. Simply beautiful.

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace.”

~G. K. Chesterton

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Collected

3. media cache
5. media cache

Monday, November 11, 2013

Handmade Fall

I seem to be a FEW steps behind with welcoming Autumn. Before I knew it, my pink hydrangeas looked ridiculous in our home with FALLING leaves in the background. I had grand plans of Fall decorating but let's just say, LIFE happens, and you scrape together what you can in the last minutes!

The little party animal herself attempted to organize a Halloween party way back in August during summer camp. With such a VALIANT effort, I couldn't say no. In desperation, I scaled down the party to just a few of her friends. With this, comes the opportunity or ah hem ...burden of decorations. After reading an inspiring post about making leaf garland, I thought we would give it a try. A few simple leaf patterns, some crazy print craft paper and viola! This is a great project for kids to work on and all the tracing keeps them quite busy! I must say, I wish we had made more.

Next, I decided to put a TWIST on traditional pumpkin painting. We pre-painted the pumpkins with black spray paint and let them sit for a few days to get rid of the tackiness.

We picked up some paint pens from the local craft store and the kids had a blast. They had a RETRO 70's look with the neon colors.

The paint pens really cut down on the mess with many little hands in the mix. Highly recommend moms. The extra pumpkins that weren't painted, we bedazzled with sticky crystals and used around the house....nothing says a GLAM pumpkin like crystals. HA!

I have been wanting to make tissue paper pom-poms.... so my plan was to hang them from our porch roof with white lights. But they were just too darn pretty when they were done. I couldn't resist hanging them in our dining room. Omar insists it looks like Mardi Gras in our house......the exact look I was going for! No really, I adore the pom-poms and already have winter pomp-poms in mind. Surprisingly, the craft store did not have all the colors I wanted, but these two had a metallic SHIMMER to them. They really turned out to be one of my favorite projects and perfect for little hands to help with. You will need 10 sheets of tissue paper folded like a fan in 1 inch folds. I used garden twine to tie the middle and to use for hanging.

After many nights pinning holiday decorations, I decided to really jump into the craft world with my first DIY wreath.

With original ambitions of a full wreath of yarn balls, I was CLEARLY delusional. It is not a one afternoon project. Therapuetic, but time consuming. I settled with wrapping the entire wreath in yarn. It works best if you hold the wreath between your knees so you can use both hand to wind the yarn around the circle....and it happens to be a killer inner thigh workout! Still feeling it.

For the balls of yarn, I used florist wire cut to different sizes. Bend in the middle and start winding the yarn around. Once it gets fuller you can bend it into a larger circle and continue winding to fill in the middle.

Not bad for a ROOKIE wreath maker!

Ironically, I finished my Handmade Fall on the evening of the first forecasted flurries of the season....better late than never!