Thursday, September 13, 2012

Behind the Name

Naming this blog proved to be much harder than I had initially anticipated. At an uninspiring day of work (my day job that is) I began to jot down all the words that I associated with my home. Things we have done, emotions I have felt, wishes I have made, words that rhymed, words from a thesaurus...anything I could think of. I kept coming back to one word.... collection. Collection, because to me a collection means you love something so much you can't ever have enough. Collection, because it touches your heart, says who your soul wants to be. Collection, because our house is a collection of old and new, modern and farmhouse. Collection, because of a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs and thrift store finds that we had to make work together. The second word that kept appearing was comfort. Comfort being soft and warm, something familiar and safe. Comfort in a photo of your child, comfort is the down of a blanket or the worn leather in a chair. Comfort of something that was used before. Comfort is something with a soul, something that had a prior life, something that will be used again. So there you have it. The science behind the namesake "Collected Comfort". A collected comfort is true to your heart, no better words to describe my home.

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