Monday, September 17, 2012

Master Suite- Before Pictures

Originally our third floor had two small bedrooms and one small bathroom tucked into the eaves of the roof. We decided the space would be better used if we turned it into a master suite. People kept asking us "Are you sure you want to be on the third floor without the kids?" The answer was, Yes! We envisioned a secret hideaway that belonged only to us. No blocks, dolls, crayons or numerous stray drawings floating around. It would be ours, a grown up space, something hotel like and relaxing. So, all the walls and ceiling were removed and the space was gutted. Determined to fit the original pedistool tub from the second floor, we stole some space from a large stair landing to incorporate into the bathroom. These are the photos of the raw space after demolition. Needless to say, the vision of tranquility and four star hotel was miles and miles away! Surprisingly, there were some corners of the room where you could see the great outdoors through the exterior walls, or lack there of.

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