Sunday, October 28, 2012

Basement Treasures

While on a quest to clean out our basement, and let me clarify that it is the previous owner's belongings we are cleaning out, I stumbled upon this old window frame. It was already missing the glass and was surprisingly light weight.

I decided to use it to display the bazillion photographs of the kids in the playroom. It really is too difficult to frame all of my favorite photographs and they are ever changing so this will work perfect.

We used wood putty for a few small holes, but attempted to keep its aged look. We gave it a couple of quick coats of a metallic silver spray paint and attached picture hanging wire and hooks to the back.

I laminated the pictures so that the sun doesn't fade them. The playroom gets wonderful direct light, but it could easily ruin your photos. This way the kids can rummage through the basket and pick the photos they want to display and I don't have to worry about the photos being ripped or bent.

Eventually I will have Onna paint the clothes pins with various paint samples I have picked up. It will make for a nice rainy day project for her.

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