Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Love Affair

You seem to see it everywhere now. Walls washed in it, furniture upholstered in it, linens and artwork.... The color Gray! I had fallen in love with gray a long time ago and can't seem to get over it. Then again, why should I? In my opinion it is the best neutral color you could find. It can be a backdrop, or stand strong and beautifully on its own.

(Courtesy of Canadian House & Home)

Ironically, I didn't always have a love affair with gray. My first home I purchased had gray walls. I found it to be depressing and gloomy and I immediately painted over it. I traded the gloominess for a soft hay color, taupe and bright red. I can't exactly pin down when I fell in love with gray, but our new home, has been drenched in gray. It is kinda like that friend you always had around and one day you looked at him and realized, he was so much more. Well, thats how it happened with the color gray and I. Don't tell my husband! Gray is vintage, but it is also modern. It is worn, but it is all new.

(Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens)

My taste has evolved to find it refreshing, soft, comforting and well...a much better backdrop than white. I grew tired of white, khaki and taupe as the "go to" neutral. When I saw gray paired with goldenrod, pumpkin, then with lime green, navy, and even pink, and I realized that gray is that new white. The color that everything looks better with. It is a staple in my wardrobe. I'd be hard pressed to find a day that I didn't have some form of gray on.

(Courtesy of Southern Living)

(Courtesy of Martha Stewart)

So if you are looking for a neutral and you have grown tired of white and taupe....just give gray a chance!

And if you are looking for an accent color "Almost Charcoal" by Valspar is an amazing deep gray. It comes from the Color Studio Fall/Winter Line. I will be using this color to redo an old vintage mirror!


  1. Love the grey color concepts you discussed - it really does have a soft n soothing feel too! The pops of color idea i love

  2. Debbie,
    Check out the Almost Charcoal. It comes in an 8 oz sample size from Valspar. Love it!