Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Holiday...Part 1

So this is the first Christmas in our house that we can actually decorate. We have floors, walls, new windows and working water and electric....always a bonus!
I have started working on a few DIY decorating projects. With my recent obsession with ETSY and the convenience of Amazon, I don't have much left for the decorating fund!

First Up: Collecting Sticks from Hurricane Sandy. I put Onna to work grabbing some of the remnants that Sandy left behind in the yard.

A few coats of silver spray paint does wonders. I recommend always having a spare can on hand. The motto in our house is, Everything looks better in metallic paint.

I have a set of vintage Christmas balls from my grandmother that I wanted to display in a different way this year. Usually I throw them in a seeded glass vase for a table top, but it didn't seem to do these beauties any justice. Absolute perfection! Nothing says Christmas like a set of vintage ornaments.

Watching Onna hold the ornaments really pulled on my heartstrings. She never got to meet my grandmother but I know she would have just adored her. Seeing Onna touch the ornaments that my grandmother once held was the most perfect Holiday gift.

The finished product looks pretty good for a bunch of old sticks.

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