Friday, November 23, 2012

The table of 100 stories

So, as you know we have finally begun to decorate our house after three long, very long years, of demolition and construction. So, this is the fun part. Unpacking treasures that we had boxed long ago, scraping together money for some new items, and of course collecting items from neighbors, friends and family. Everything from mirrors, couches, dressers, hutches and carpets. That is kinda how this whole blog thing started. I have to work some magic to make my new psychadelic orange chairs go with my husband's grandparent's antique secretary. That will come in a later post.

For now, I am obsessing about our dining room. I have visions of having large dinner parties where everyone can sit comfortably at the table. Where we linger long after the food has been finished and where stories are told over endless glasses of wine. So I have been thinking that I need a new dining table to make this a reality.

About 10 years ago, I looked everywhere for a trestle table that I had been dreaming of. Why a trestle? Well, I wanted to feel like I was always at a picnic! I seemed to have passed that along to Onna, who begs for picnics outside almost every sunny day.

After looking everywhere, I actually found one at Walmart online. And the best part? It was only 90 dollars. It was rustic in style, but with a modern espresso finish. So we ordered it, loved it, and lugged it with us to our new home. I wan't expecting great quality, but it filled the need for then. Happy to say, 10 long years later, its still holds strong. Impressive for the cost!

It can seat 6 comfortably, but I was thinking that I wanted 8 or 10, So I started looking for a new table. I found a beautiful rustic one and had it stamped in my mind until the time is right. Then, all of sudden, one evening in my house has made me rethink this whole new table idea.

Onna had this idea to make a lion mask and had asked Omar to help her. They sat at the table and began her creation. Omar used a pen to press around the eye holes to pop them out on paper. When they lifted the mask, I heard an "Uh-Oh". Ironically, it was from Omar and not Onna. I gazed over at them knowing where this was going. Yes, two round circles were now carved into the top of the table. Well, more the reason to get a new one.

Wrong, Onna proceeded to tell me about how many other marks were on the table and that they are just marks. And right then and there, I realized they aren't just marks. Those eyes, were the day that Onna thought to make the most amazing lion mask, and the scrapes at the end of the table was where Omar laid his old tool box after a long day of working on the house. Every mark was its own little story, The story of us.

This table, was now a collection of our lives. The table where we ate our first Christmas Eve dinner in our new house, hosted annual Super Bowl parties. The table where Onna learned to eat, where she has made 100 play dough cookies, and a thousand pieces of art work. It is the table where she did her first piece of homework and where Boston will soon follow. I couldn't possibly get rid of this table. And so... our picnics will continue.

So now when I am sitting at the table and I look down at the random marks, I am grateful. Grateful of a life so full of beautiful things that they have left a mark not only on my table, but my heart.

What story does your table tell? Share it in the comments.

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