Monday, December 31, 2012

Rusty Hinge Feature- Festive Forest

So excited to have our family Christmas tree and Collected Comfort featured on the Rusty Hinge's Festive Forest post. Amazing collection of trees.

What a treat!

Check it out here

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hipster Home Give Away!

One lucky reader will win an Umbra Wall Mounted Magazine Rack from Collected Comfort & Hipster Home.

Here's how to win:

1. Read the recent interview featuring Hipster Home.

2. Visit Hipster Home's online site at and find a few of your favorite products.

3. Click back here to and leave a comment below this post (by the pencil icon) about your favorite items.
Leave your email so we can contact you if you are the winner.

4. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win the Umbra Wall Mounted Magazine Rack!

Tip: The more comments you leave, the better your odds :)

Contest Ends January 20th!

Good Luck!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Featured Mercantile- Hipster Home

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a small Housewares shop in Chestnut Hill called Hipster Home. Hipster Home has a great collection of unique home items perfect for gifts or the one design piece that will make a big statement. The owners Dave & Lindsay were gracious enough to sit down with me and share their thoughts on design.

Where did the name Hipster Home come from?

A lot of people get hung up on the name of the store like we really think we're hip. To make a longer story short, we were in NYC at the gift show looking to see if we could actually find enough products that people would buy to make a unique collection in a store without sacrificing our integrity. As we started looking to buy products we had to put a store name on the dotted line to even be considered by some companies. We argued about several lame & corny names (yes more corny than Hipster Home) and as we argued about the many names that we thought were super corny we passed a booth at the show with an even cornier name called Hipster Music and I angrily growled "well how about Hipster Home" and Lindsay barked back "actually that's the best of the all the ones we mentioned".

So it became Hipster Home. It ended up working out great for our internet presence and has actually become a bit of a photo op for younger people to be photographed next to our logo saying Hipster Home. So it all worked out for the better. Yes the name is corny but it works and it really is a reflection of our sense of humor about ourselves and this whole industry to remember to have fun. So it's Hipster Home for better or for worse.

How do you decide what lines and vendors you choose?

The vendors we use are generally strong globally recognized brands that employ real designers to create their products and have tremendous reputations globally as strong contemporary brands that don't just cater to a US consumer market. We chose brands that stay true to themselves and don't bend to every whim at the hands of consumers. We try to steer clear of trends and stick to the classic modern designs that have stood the test of time. It's much less risky. The downside is we don't really sell to the mass consumer market so we depend on customers that are loyal to the design world and look for quality products and quality brands.

What are some of your favorite products from the store?

We really go through many periods of loving each product line as we discover more about each company.

Two brands that really stick out for me are Umbra and Gus Modern both of which are Canadian brands. Each of these lines have a tremendous reputation for creating products that are design forward, practical and affordable. Both of these brands also lend tremendous support to their loyal retailers. I love companies that help to support the little guys like us and help us to reach as many people as possible.

I really like the children's items we carry, like the handmade clocks. Our best selling one is the submarine clock.

What is your own personal design style?

Our personal style at home is evolving. We both love antiques and modern products so we're really all over the place as far as our own personal style goes. If you ever see me you'll see right away that I don't fit the "normal" profile of someone who owns a store such as ours. I'm a blue collar person who happens to have a deep appreciation for great product design.

What advice do you have for people designing with children?

People who have children really have some tough choices to make. It's not easy since they'll really need to make some sacrifices with their choices but it can be done. In regards to upholstered furniture I tell people that knowledge is power and I tend to share the knowledge I've learned in the furniture industry so they can make informed decisions about their choices even if it means they won't buy from my store.

I think if people have the power to make their own decisions then they won't need to rely on a designer's or a sales person's choices. I know how my furniture and other products stack up against the other brands and I'm not afraid to share it.

I think it is a good idea to use pieces that are transitional, like the rocker we carry can be used after the baby has grown. Even though I don't have children of my own, when I am looking for products I try to think about the functionality of them.

Why Chestnut Hill?

Well, honestly we first chose Phoenixville where we opened in 2007 and had a store there for 4 years. It's also where we live. We moved to Chestnut Hill about a year ago to be in a more competitive retail environment but didn't want to lose that small town feel we loved having in Phoenixville. Chestnut Hill really came to us thanks in part to the area retail coordinator at the time Eileen Riley and our friend and mentor Doug Reinke who owns Host Interiors. Doug really helped us feel better about seeing the move to Chestnut Hill as a means to expand our brand but still stay within our comfort zone.

I really don't know what the future holds but I'm quite happy with our location in Chestnut Hill. The people are very loyal and support their local stores. We also have a strong enough reputation to draw people out of other parts of the city to shop in our store and by saying that I mean both our store and the Chestnut Hill shopping district are strong draws. We depend heavily on people shopping the entire Chestnut Hill experience and not just our store.

Check back tomorrow for an exciting giveaway item from Hipster Home!
Thank you Dave & Lindsay!

Hipster Home is located at 8236 Germantown Ave in Philadelphia, PA. Those of you that are not local, you can find them at

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Tree of Remembering

While enjoying Christmas with family this year, I finally appreciated the hundreds of Christmas ornaments that I have collected in boxes and the hundreds more my mom has collected over the years. For a very long time, I chose gold colored balls for my tree for the classic, simple look. It wasn't until this Christmas that I appreciated the stories behind the many different ornaments my mom had displayed on her own tree or the many that sit in boxes in my basement.

My mom sat for a very long time pointing out the ornaments to Onna and telling their story. Which side of the family or great grandmother they came from. The vacation they were bought on or who had given them as a gift. Each ornament had its own little story wrapped up in all that color, glitter and glory. It was a truly beautiful time and made me appreciate the ornaments that I had been storing even more. Onna searched the tree for her favorites and I sat by the tree with them looking for ornaments that I remembered as a child like I was on a wild scavenger hunt. It was almost like they were long lost friends that I had loved so much growing up.

This year, on my own tree, I was happy to display more than my usual gold balls (although some are still on there!) but am already excited for next year to break out the many that laid dormant all these years. My hope is that I too will have a tree with not only glitter and glitz, but also a tree of stories to be told.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY Holiday...Part 2

Happy December!

No better day to share our DIY Advent Calendar than December 1st!

For the past few years I have been talking about getting an advent calendar. I never had one growing up so I was very intrigued by the idea of opening a little bit of magic each day. I have seen many in magazines for sale, but none that I loved. I decided to attempt a DIY Advent Calendar and figured it would be a good weekend project with my trusty assistant.

My craftiness only goes so far so I decided to start with a weathered framed message board as my base. You can also use fabric and build your own frame to size if you are really crafty. We used burlap bags because I am currently obsessed with burlap and and I like the idea of having a little room for hiding treasures. First off, I ordered small burlap bags from Etsy. They were quite a steal at $18 for 25, 4x6 bags.

A trip to Michael's craft store for some stencils and fabric paint and we are all set to begin. Stencil the numbers onto the burlap bag in any color you like. I like the simplicity of the black, but could also have gone with a Holiday red.
Tip: put something inside the bag to keep the paint from bleeding to through the backside.

I have filled our bags with small ornaments that I really love and some Onna painted so that I can look forward to seeing them each year when the calendar comes out and so that they can last for generations to come.

My hope is that this will become one of our time honored traditions that will one day be passed down to future generations.