Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Winter Garden

The Holidays are over and there is a definite coldness setting in. So many more days until Spring blooms fill the sun drenched rooms. So here I sit thinking about what to put in my vases and buckets, all screaming out for a delicate piece of life. So my search had begun for the perfect winter garden, something to bring life and appreciation to the cold, white winter months ahead. I have been thinking about a Winter Garden....even if only in my warm winter home.

My flower of choice....the white tulip. There is something magical about the way it droops its buds to fall perfectly around whatever container you happen to throw it in. It reminds me of those lucky people that throw on a white t-shirt and jeans and look like a million bucks. Something very simple, very pure, effortless......but breathtaking.

My go to vase is usually a mason jar, but the winter white jars play so nice against the white tulips. We have many vases like this large pickle jar from a bulk store that we painted with a coat of fresh white paint and it works wonderfully for flowers. It is the perfect height for long stem flowers. And for an extra special touch, a prelude to Valentines with the pink polka dot ribbon. You can also use strips of flannel from old shirts. They make amazing little scarves for your vases.

Here are some tips I picked up along the way for tulips.....if you prefer them standing tall, take a small pin and pierce it through the bottom of the blooms as close to the stem as possible and each evening throw some ice cubes into the vase it immediately perks them up!

I dream of the Winter Garden, the white flowers against the snow drenched background. The glimpse of green that surrounds them....

What is your Winter Garden dream?

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