Sunday, March 10, 2013

House Tour Series: Boston's Room

We are finally ready to begin our house tour series. After what feels like a century of construction, we are finally pulling it all back together. So why not start with Baby Boy Boston's room. I find decorating children's rooms more difficult than other rooms because they usually have so much stuff and their interests are always changing.

For Boston, we really couldn't decide on any one theme. I wanted something that was more on the "vintage boy" side that he could grow with. I fell in love with the vintage sports prints from an ETSY shop, Shawn St. Peter. I loved the look of these prints and knew it was the direction we wanted to go for his room. I had a hard time picking just 3! The last thing we wanted to do after construction was to make holes in the wall to hang art. So we have started using the removable wall hanging tabs and it makes hanging and switching out pictures much easier.

You really must check out his talented. He even helped me with a special request of the vintage basketball hoop and net. Boston's room is drenched with sunlight from three large windows. The hall window also floods his room with light throughout the day so we picked out a darker color faux wood blind from JC Penny.

The crib was the same we used with Onna and we opted for plain white sheets. Something very soothing about seeing a baby sleep on pure white maybe one day Boston will actually sleep and we can experience that!

All of the doors that lead into the bedrooms on the second floor are glass french doors. Not a typical choice for bedrooms, but we love the extra light that passes though and the ease of checking on sleeping kids without disturbing them. Eventually when they need their own privacy, we are going to do a fabric roman shade. An extra excuse to use fun patterns and fabric! We still have not found the perfect piece for over his crib. I am on the hunt for a one of a kind piece.

The play carpet is a find from IKEA that has a mix of many different patterns and colors. It just screams fun.

And what nursery is complete without a rocker. This antique rocker came from my husband's side of the family. It is the same chair we rocked Onna in and easily fits into any design theme. We have a little spot in front of the window that is perfect for a mid afternoon rock.

The dresser is a recent gift from Omar's mom. The dresser from Ethan Allen was the right shade of brown and didn't overwhelm the space. It has several other pieces that we can get as he grows older.

And of course, who could forget the toy bin? No baby room is complete without multiple toy bins!

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