Friday, April 26, 2013

One Little Word.

And her name is Onna.....

Everything I wish I was all wrapped up in a little four year old body.

Her effortless BEAUTY, the way she stares deep in your soul. Her spirit, her been here before, spirit. She has my grandmothers GENTLENESS, Omar's grandmothers FIRE, and its all wrapped up into one. PERFECT.

She is little.
The smallest in her class...but boy she will run things. Described as the class activities leader (which is teacher code for bossy), racing and hanging upside down with the boys. Covered in dirt at pick up time. But insists on wearing things that "twirl", and has a perfectly good reason why unmatching clothes really do match. One day she will move mountains, she will be that person you meet and can NEVER forget,that person in the room that you know has a incredible STORY at that.

Everyday I am still amazed by just how incredible she is.

Her school calendar came home for May and at the very bottom, one word made my heart stop. I mean, I knew it was coming. I knew two years ago it was coming. We talked about it and I was preparing HER for it. But along the way, I never prepared myself. The word was blinding, it took my breath away and I just held the paper and stared.


Even when Onna started preschool at 3, I knew she wouldn't be there forever. I knew she would move to the 4 year old class. Then to Kindergarten and life would just roll on by like it is meant to. I even knew when I registered her for Kindergarten in February that her preschool was ending. But something in my heart broke the day I saw it on the calendar.

I know that as every year goes by, a little bit of the MAGIC of childhood is lost. They eventually become too cool for this and her favorite toys will be "for babies". The blanket that she has held every night while sleeping will slowly find its way to a bottom of a box.

This word, GRADUATION, made me already miss her. The preschooler that danced to her own music in her head. The four year old that really believed in Leprechauns and magic. The girl that thought her mommy was perfect and always wore her heart on her sleeve. I imagine I'll cry.....BUCKETS. And stare at her on the stage wondering how I got so lucky. Thinking about every little thing she has taught me since the day she entered this world.

So there is a big part of me that is sad. Just sad. Sad for the beginning of the "real world". I just pray that the world is kind to her.....because Onna, you are the most perfect Gift the world could have.

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