Monday, April 22, 2013

The Many Faces of a Garden Party

We are still working on our backyard makeover. I swear we could work everyday for the next 3 months and still not have it done. There is constant raking, trimming, clipping and debris removal. Most of the credit can be given to my husband who has done much of the work. I had high hopes for jumping in with both hands, but was busy chasing around 2 small ones. We still have not unburied ourself from the jungle that it was. Nonetheless, this season we will be planning and hosting a garden party for our amazing group of neighbors. So while, we are still knee deep in the clean out, I need some motivation to keep me going.

It is so hard to pick just one favorite....There is something about the long row of yellow chairs that I keep looking back at, but I would have to say the first picture with the log stools stole my heart.

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