Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Great Debate

We still have many finishing touches to put in our kitchen, (like appliances) but after living with a make shift kitchen for more than 2 YEARS, we are totally thrilled to have a new space...soon to be revealed on a before and after post.

I have been on the hunt for island stools for quite some time. One of the great debates...merging design, FUNCTION, and price. Of course, I want something beautiful, a printed fabric that screams FUN...or even whispers it for God's sake.

But I know that it would last .2 seconds in this state of CRAZINESS we live in. I need something that can withstand sticky hands, mud, brownie batter and the occasional drop of wine. Oh, did I mention I have to be able to afford it? Ha! Of course I have found a GAZILLION stools, but few that I could actually afford. I have however, found a good compromise at Pier 1.

These stools swivel and can easily be tucked under the countertop when the next running race begins.
They come in a variety of colors and are a great value for $99.

On the other-hand, I really would love a long bench since I know one little bundle of JOY will fall off this stool within the first hour of its arrival.

I do love the idea of a long rustic bench, where you can pile on a bunch of people on without the risk of one flying off the side. Although I love the swivel option, I think this bench from ETSY would work WONDERS for us.

And...the best part is I can always add a custom cushion when the little ones get bigger. Since it is custom, I can even go with two smaller size benches, still fitting 2, to make getting in and out much easier. I can just imagine the "I have to go to the bathroom" FIASCO when you have a bunch of kiddos on one bench. This one can't be that difficult to BUILD....Can it? Can you hear me calling Omar now...this may be our...I mean Omar's next DIY!

Did I just settle the GREAT debate and make a decision?

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