Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red, White & Blue

Summer is a great time for going patriotic. If you are like me, a total house transformation is OUT of the question. I love seeing all the magazine spreads of Patriotic Gone Wild homes, but in all reality, 99% of us can barely pull off the cookout, let alone redecorate a WHOLE house.

I basically have two looks that I can handle....Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. In light of adding to my spring/summer look, I found a few items that can be incorporated into year round decor or require very little setup/storage.

I love that this flag can remain all year as vintage artwork, but works right into your patriotic decor in the summer. DOUBLE duty!! A few pieces of scrap wood, stencils and paint and you can make one for very little.

karmaliving on ETSY

These pillows are easy enough to STORE or WHIP out and throw on a chair or better yet, your porch.
-chloeandolivedotcom on ETSY

This art piece doesn't scream patriotic, but it could, if you paired with these other items. Great to leave out all year!
-flowerartplace on ETSY

And if you are looking for something to keep the kids busy, tissue paper pom poms are cheap and easy. Or you can grab these at the POM POM shop on ETSY. What's a PARTY without Pom Poms?

What are your favorite red, white and blue items?

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