Friday, August 23, 2013

Saying it ALL.

It seems like summer is flying by and I keep trying to grab a hold of something to SLOW it down. I have been trying to catch a lot of pictures of the kids, I think it is my crazy attempt to FREEZE time, my obsession with capturing one moment and living in it forever.

Among the play dates, the outings, weekend trips....I still marvel in awe of them seeing things for the first time. In my exhaustion to keep up, I watch their confidence grow as they discover new places and things. Onna is finding herself and her voice, which never seems to quiet...her soul, beautiful beyond words is MAGIC. Something I want to bottle up for rainy cold days....and Boston, a constant surprise and laugh. I will miss the separation day. One day I will leave the room and he won't notice...and for the first time....I WIll. And my heart will BREAK. So to me this picture is where I want to stay. These eyes that pierce my SOUL, these lips that pucker so PERFECTLY. Just STAY....

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