Monday, November 11, 2013

Handmade Fall

I seem to be a FEW steps behind with welcoming Autumn. Before I knew it, my pink hydrangeas looked ridiculous in our home with FALLING leaves in the background. I had grand plans of Fall decorating but let's just say, LIFE happens, and you scrape together what you can in the last minutes!

The little party animal herself attempted to organize a Halloween party way back in August during summer camp. With such a VALIANT effort, I couldn't say no. In desperation, I scaled down the party to just a few of her friends. With this, comes the opportunity or ah hem ...burden of decorations. After reading an inspiring post about making leaf garland, I thought we would give it a try. A few simple leaf patterns, some crazy print craft paper and viola! This is a great project for kids to work on and all the tracing keeps them quite busy! I must say, I wish we had made more.

Next, I decided to put a TWIST on traditional pumpkin painting. We pre-painted the pumpkins with black spray paint and let them sit for a few days to get rid of the tackiness.

We picked up some paint pens from the local craft store and the kids had a blast. They had a RETRO 70's look with the neon colors.

The paint pens really cut down on the mess with many little hands in the mix. Highly recommend moms. The extra pumpkins that weren't painted, we bedazzled with sticky crystals and used around the house....nothing says a GLAM pumpkin like crystals. HA!

I have been wanting to make tissue paper pom-poms.... so my plan was to hang them from our porch roof with white lights. But they were just too darn pretty when they were done. I couldn't resist hanging them in our dining room. Omar insists it looks like Mardi Gras in our house......the exact look I was going for! No really, I adore the pom-poms and already have winter pomp-poms in mind. Surprisingly, the craft store did not have all the colors I wanted, but these two had a metallic SHIMMER to them. They really turned out to be one of my favorite projects and perfect for little hands to help with. You will need 10 sheets of tissue paper folded like a fan in 1 inch folds. I used garden twine to tie the middle and to use for hanging.

After many nights pinning holiday decorations, I decided to really jump into the craft world with my first DIY wreath.

With original ambitions of a full wreath of yarn balls, I was CLEARLY delusional. It is not a one afternoon project. Therapuetic, but time consuming. I settled with wrapping the entire wreath in yarn. It works best if you hold the wreath between your knees so you can use both hand to wind the yarn around the circle....and it happens to be a killer inner thigh workout! Still feeling it.

For the balls of yarn, I used florist wire cut to different sizes. Bend in the middle and start winding the yarn around. Once it gets fuller you can bend it into a larger circle and continue winding to fill in the middle.

Not bad for a ROOKIE wreath maker!

Ironically, I finished my Handmade Fall on the evening of the first forecasted flurries of the season....better late than never!

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