Friday, January 3, 2014

The Break Up

So, anyone that knows me would say that I always have something up my sleeve, that I can be dangerous with too much time on my hands, and that I never really STICK to things. All very TRUE....especially when it comes to furnishing my home.

I obsessively think about the furniture I want versus the furniture that with withstand this tornado called life that I am swirling in. I love leather, deep, WORN, cigar leather furniture that gets better with every year. The ones that have stories to tell and just call for a late night Manhattan or Pink Moscato. I am the person that you see in the Restoration Hardware store that is laying on the couch like I OWN it...because I brought my luggage and pretend I live in the showroom.

BUT I wake up from the movie clip I was just describing and realize that no matter how I try to ignore it...I STICK to it. My really NOT slender thighs stick to the leather in warm temperatures and I flinch when my bare skin touches it in cooler temperatures...and my least favorite trait, throw blankets constantly slide off it. You know, that beautiful throw you bought because it LOOKED like it was from a magazine and you could imagine yourself curling up in won't stay on the chair. You know, it was supposed to drape over the side so perfectly and hang like a pierce of art... but it SLIDES, over and over again. YEP.

And of course, I am drooling over wingback chairs and the latest trend of houndstooth fabric or a beautiful tweed, right from a mens suiting line.....but with two drooling dogs....two insanely crazy kids I can't imagine living with something I couldn't wash...monthly. OK..... lets get real...WEEKLY! I get such satisfaction out of ripping a slip cover off, washing the daylights out of it and throwing it back on....Ok, Rewind.. THROWING, not exactly. How about, a total body workout. Pulling, stuffing, squeezing with arms, feet and teeth to fit cushions back into the cover that they once fit into? Only to finally finish and have one joyful little bundle smear bananas on it. HATE IT. So you see this dilema has left us with...well...almost NO furniture. I know this is totally crazy. But then again...who even has time to sit! Ha!

So finially today I realized, we have to have furniture. I know...Crazy revolution.I need to get it together and commit to something...anything to place a booty on. We have two insanely ugly orange chairs that were a super bargain, that I SWEAR I will day! They are comfy and best trait yet, they swivel! So they are staying. I have decided to wave the WHITE flag and start thinking about now, and like 5 years from now. I am not going to look for a sofa that I can pass down to future generations, the ones that are built to last. Because really, nothing could withstand this hurricane of a family...not even you Restoration Hardware. It is official, we have broken up. (But still keep sending me the awe-inspiring catalogues, so I can pretend to not care).

So helloooooo IKEA. Yes, lets find something nice to look at, won't break the bank and will last until the storm passes...I mean children grow up a little. So decision made.....

The Ektorp Sofa, a total bargain at 499.00 and it wouldn't be IKEA if it didn't have a slipcover!
And I couldn't help but want the wingback! How could you resist at less than 300 bucks?

So for me, my plan remains to just decorate for this stage of my life and stop thinking about what will last. In all reality, I'd probably CHANGE my mind after a few years of having that cigar leather sofa and be on to something new..well thats what I will keep telling myself anyway!

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