Monday, January 27, 2014

The Pink Chronicles

So the color pink and I have this love hate relationship. There are days when I LOATH the color. Most of the time I find that the shade is either too dusty or just too darn pink. I don't wear it, it drowns out my skin...and makes me seem either half dead or something like a stripper...Then there are other days when I need it. Its SOFTENS almost like whispers, its calming sound soothes the cold winter months. Should I? Shouldn't I? Ugh, LIVE a I did.

Our vestibule has been on hold for quite some time. Who wants to redo a room and then have contractors trecking through obnoxiously leaving prints, dings and scrapes? I love you Mike the contractor, but I had to WAIT on the vestibule for the full makeover.`

I decided that our vestibule needed a little sprucing up while on hold....I wanted DRAMA, I wanted something classic, that set the stage for the rest of the house. So naturally, I picked black. I loved the saturation, the way you get LOST looking at it... The minute you think...who paints walls black? I love that minute and love the walls black. Then this little voice in my head said...we need an accent color. Something to say POW!...Like the black wasn't pow enough?

Looking through the samples I kept going back to pink...I The same color that sometimes makes me look dead, the same color that I can't stand half of the time. But this was not a drowning out pink. It was a loud "hello" pink. I don't remember the exact name but I refer to it as "in your face pink", I am sure you can find it at your nearest home center.. And this same voice in my head said LIVE a little. I know I am so absolutely WILD that this post should be R rated. Ha!

At first the room looked a lot like a Nascar-ish diner...reminding me of some checkered flag WAVING at the end of lap 250. It would take some time to like...or not.

Now I am thinking....Total Redo. Way too in your face when I walk in. It literally almost pushes me back out the door. Back to the drawing board for the accent color. I are thinking who can write this much about the color PINK....only someone that has a love it hate it relationship with it of course.

So EPIC fail with pink....I should have stuck with my every so faithful gray. Gray has never let me down. I went a little off the deep and ended up with SCREAMING walls. I do however love these rooms with pink...Not so in your face...more like almost NOT HERE pink....I'll take notes.

Jaimaica Byles flicker

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