Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Fox Looking Reindeer Riding A Bike

I am totally a commitment phobe when it comes to art pieces and I hate, HATE, hate big box store items. I always think people will walk in and be whispering "she got that at so and so, I saw it there"...because that is what I TOTALLY do. HA! But please still INVITE me over.

I always like the idea of custom pieces,things that are not mass produced and have a very UNIQUE story. Well, I can't think of a better STORY than a fox looking reindeer riding a bike. Right?

Leave it up to my little PROTEGE, Onna, to find the latest piece of art for the house..and yes at a big chain store. Although I totally convinced myself he is a one of a kind ORIGINAL and not mass produced.....Probably has a LIMITED addition number on him somewhere. Um...still looking. no way could I resist this fox looking reindeer on a bike. Not really sure but I think it was the Prescott looking scarf that STOLE my heart. At first, it was going to be for Onna's room, but I couldn't give him up when we got home. So naturally I put him in our kitchen. The Mr. is away this weekend and I am so sure he won't NOTICE the large biking reindeer on our wall when he returns. Nope, don't know anything at all about a reindeer riding a bike.

I could really spill the beans and tell you where we found him, but then fox looking reindeer would surely TAKE OVER the world. And for now, he is our one of a kind, little (ok, kinda big) original,MASTERPIECE.

Friday, May 16, 2014

More than Words

Abby Hyslop Lettering

Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do. One of the many things I want to change about myself. Just to be. You know...on my road to self improvement. Well the road is LONG and this is my first stop. My racing mind... making it STILL for a minute and enjoying right where I am. I realize that I am not really anywhere where I am. I mean yes, my body is there, but my mind is totally on its on JOURNEY racing through the endless to do list, whats coming next and tonight and tomorrow. And it is exhausting. This is my reminder
to QUIET my mind and just BE.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Olio Board-Vote Now!

Check out the Olioboard outdoor design contest and vote for this room now!



So as many of you know, there has been an unspoken rule about wallpaper in our home. Since removing what seems like 100 layers of OLD.... I mean old like it is now part of the wall wallpaper, it was just assumed that we would NEVER put up wallpaper again.EVER.It would almost be like looking at flashbacks of some horror film of sprayers, scrapers, sweat and tears. Well, until I found THIS....

I know...enter the GASP!.

This "Pedal Pusher" wallpaper, God I even LOVE the name, is from the Oh Joy! line. If you are not familiar with it, Joy is a blogger/designer who has recently collaborated with Target on a a summer party wares line. I have been following the Oh Joy! blog for some time and instantly fell in love with this paper. I is really the opposite of me. I tend to think of myself as more know gray mono-cramatic ME. So obviously the bold brassy colors of enormous blooms are not typically on my list. I actually don't think I even own anything brass colored.

So, after what seems like endless wallpaper removal, I am jumping in AGAIN....And what a better place than my vestibule. Flash back to the Pink Chronicles post. Yes, pink was way to HELLOOOO, so I wanted more subtle. And naturally that means this Petal Pusher Paper. What can I say? I never claimed to make sense. The paper is really pricy so I am compromising and only doing the upper part of a wall and will have it professionally installed.I am NOT fooling around with a DIY install with this stuff. Cha Ching......but so worth it.