Saturday, February 7, 2015

DIY ....Winter Trees

In the spirit of Winter and LONG cold weekends....and crazy energetic children, I am sharing a super easy and child friendly, even after the Holidays are over, craft. This also happens to be a very good stress reliever activity for those FRAZZLED nerves (especially when you pair it with a glass of wine!)

*Styrofoam cones- I grabbed three different sizes from the craft store (started with the smallest size)
*Sheets of felt- I thought gray would be a great color that you can leave up the entire Winter,but I couldn't resist the white glitter felt as well
*Hot glue gun- Be sure to use low temperature glue sticks on the Styrofoam- this also makes it easy for the kids to help since the glue doesn't get too hot
*Fabric scissors- The felt can be tricky to cut with regular scissors and you get a much cleaner edge with fabric scissors

I think these would also look awesome in primary colors for a SWEET little girl's room. Options are endless!

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