Monday, April 6, 2015

Bad Boys....

So...I stumbled upon these BAD BOYS and instantly fell in love. This totally trumps the basic boring double vanity. All I have to say is THANK YOU Kohler!

Find it here, here, and here

Any my absolute favorite.....drum ROLL please.


Well, maybe this is my favorite

I love this idea not only because it looks like a million bucks, but because I have found it increasingly difficult to find a bathroom vanity that can withstand my children chipping and peeling and scratching off of the dreaded particle board or wood like MYSTERY surfaces that seem to be on every newly manufactured piece of furniture. I think its genius that you can pay a little extra for this sink and sans the whole vanity altogether. And you wont get that gross ring of white crud around your faucet sink when it is mounted up high. Just add a decent ledge above for storage of your everyday items and you have SOLVED 99% of your bathroom problems.

Storage problem solved! Source