Collected Comfort has been my secret labor of love for quite some time. For as long as I could remember, I have been entranced by all things visual. I can remember at the the early age of seven, wildly turning through the massive JC Penny catalogue and picking out my favorite furniture that I would have in my own house one day. I remember thinking I wanted to be a writer and then an architect and then every other possible thing you can think of. It was always somewhat of a joke in my family as to what venture I was on to. I never really seemed to find my niche. I kept feeling like I was supposed to be doing something far more creative than I was.

It wasn't until I found blogging that I really felt I was home. An opportunity to write, to connect with people, to share the most beautiful things I have collected and to create. Collected Comfort is me being who I was always meant to be and finally finding the courage to follow my dream. I am blessed with two beautiful children, Onna Delaney & Boston Xavier, two crazy dogs, Moose & Miami and of course one loving husband, Omar.

In 2009 we took a leap of faith and bought a 100 year old "fixer upper." I am not really sure I grasped the total meaning of “fixer upper” or if I was just mesmerized by the beautifully high ceiling or large city lot that it sat on. The vacant house was no longer a home. It was full of the previous owner's belongings, from ceiling to floor; the yard was overgrown up over our heads with weeds and trees, the old plaster walls cracking and a family of raccoons living comfortably in the attic. But somehow in all that “stuff” I saw something beautiful, something so perfectly perfect..... even with all the imperfections.

After filling several 40 yard dumpsters with the previous owner’s belongings, it was time to start making this house our home. Down came walls, up went support beans, every plaster wall and ceiling removed and thus we were left with a shell. Oh, and did I mention we did this with a one year old in tow? After three years of demolition and construction and with another baby added to the mix, we are finally ready to share our journey....the journey of making a house our home.

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